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TAP is the only complete franchise-specific customer acquisition platform that combines franchisee and end-user acquisition with community building and full-service advertising & marketing agency capabilities.

Tap To Grow

What we do

Franchisee Acquisition

TAP attracts, qualifies and helps convert Franchisee leads. Our proprietary system creates lead generation to qualification by leveraging superior technology and compelling content. We then work with you to improve your sales closing process. We can even white label the TAP platform, so your brand is the hero.

End-User Acquisition

Our proprietary Franchisee Lead Generation System also drives local customer leads. We deploy our target influencing advertising capabilities and acquisition technologies to efficiently and effectively generate local leads for your franchisees. This allows them to focus on delivering an excellent customer experience.

Community Building

A community of brand advocates is a powerful word-of-mouth generating army. It is the gold standard of marketing. We are pioneers in community building and global experts in word-of-mouth. Let us show you how to create, build, and sustain a vibrant community of vocal advocates for your brand.

Full-Service Advertising & Marketing Agency

We are a customer acquisition company with full-service creative agency capabilities. Our exceptional creative, world-class brand strategy, and insightful cognitive and marketing science  are designed specifically to generate high quality leads

Sales Rate Optimization Consulting

TAP’s team of lead generation experts have years of experience in developing the messaging, materials, and methodology to drive franchisee lead generation and conversion. We can teach you how to create or optimize your sales engine to improve your Sales Rate Conversion.

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